About Us



BOATLOOKER / HOUSELOOKER are businesses sharing the same operating principle of serving the customer first, save you wasting your time and steering you towards your purchase.

Philip Chester, the founder, is a family man with two teenage children. He has extensive experience in the marine trade before a career in the police which he has recently retired from. From the age of 13, Phil has raced many classes of dinghy, multihull and offshore yachts. Before his police career, Phil has worked building dinghies in G.R.P. fitting out and demonstrating yachts and has worked at numerous boat shows and in marina shops. His education in the 70’s saw Phil developing engineering skills and qualifications leading to a short career in the Royal Navy. Having raced for nearly 40 years, Phil has won many titles at National level. The ‘seed’ was planted to start a business a few years ago but only recently all the ideas within his vision have come together to form the ‘boatlooker / houselooker’ sites to provide employment and raise funds for charities. 

..Phil’s F31 at speed!                                                                Filming in Uganda

..Our reports include the parts other brokers / owners don’t want to show!


..We can advise on condition and refurbishment. ( This is the same boat!)





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