Are you looking to buy a boat?

We provide a service to help you.

 Seek our free advice service.

 We will inspect any boat anywhere for you.

(Click here for contact page)

Or simply email us at;-


We will need you to register with us to start searching for you and for any of our paid searching services, such as visiting and inspecting boats on your behalf.  See our registration page and payment page.

Registration is easy. Click on these words to go to the ‘Registration’ page.

Step 1 Contact us for free advice.

Step 2 Register with us if you want us to search for you and to engage with our paid services.

Step 3 Make a payment when you are happy with which services you want.

(We will go through a personalised service payment to suit your needs).

Step 4 Sit back and let us work for you. We will respond to you quickly to get you on your way to your next boat.


LM 26 for sale. Newly refurbished. Great value.

Take a look at the photos on (‘private boat ads page’)

We search ads on line and elsewhere for you, to save you time.We can visit boats, inspect & compile a filmed report on DVD – You can view the film on this site on a private page or buy the DVD.



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