GreenZoner is a new reward site, similar to the extremely popular site ‘Lockerz’. The concept behind the site is very similar; you perform a range of simple tasks to earn points, known as EEP (Eco Energy Points) and these points can then be exchanged for prizes. The main difference between the two sites is that GreenZoner (as the name suggests) is focused on ecological benefits and improving our environment.


There are many prizes currently available, ranging from the latest games consoles to mountain bikes and everything in-between.  The GreenZoner community is very small at the moment, and is focused on developing it’s userbase, and as the community grows, there will be more and more ways to collect EEP and earn prizes. I know many people are beginning to lose interest in ‘Lockerz’ due to the extremely low chances of actually receiving a prize, but hopefully GreenZoner’s new, innovative method will prove more popular and result in much happier users. The system works as follows:

Winning a prize

GreenZoner tells the users when the next give away will be and what the prize is. Any users that are interested in the prize and have enough EEP to redeem it will access the site at the time of the give away. A timer counts down to zero and a ‘Click to win’ button becomes active. The first user to click the button wins the prize. Give aways are infrequent at the moment, due to the low number of users registered to the site, but GreenZoner promises to make prizes more frequently available, until they are available daily.


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