Boatlooker Price Menu


 1st May 2010



Registration FREE
Advice FREE
Searching for you is FREE
Inspecting a boat;-
Travel from Fareham £ 00.28p per mile, return. ( car )
Hampshire £ 7.00 per 15 mins. ( time )
( calculated from AA route master )
Travel long distance ( over 100 miles ), negotiable.

Inspection min 1 hour. £ 28.00
Filming FREE during first hour of Inspection.
Copy of DVD £ 7.00 posted to you.

Viewing of ( on password protected web page ) your filmwithin 24 hours ( from the end of the day’s inspection / filming ); FREE

Commission on purchase price 1% from the BUYER
( if introduced by us ).

Registration FREE
Introducing a ‘looker’ FREE
Filming your boat See above
Commission FREE

..We can negotiate prices to travel anywhere for you.

. We are at your service!


.SHOP WITH US AT AMAZON…………we donate to charity. See our ‘charities’ page.


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